Master Key Experience – Week 14 – Positivity Bias and the New Year Challenge!

Stacey is experiencing positive results from her positive thinking. Good Job

Stacy Montero Morris

So when you are presented with a choice, what is your first automatic response in your head?  Do you immediately jump to the – “Oh, THAT isn’t going to work out well for me!” or “Wow! I wonder what type of amazingness is going to happen here?!” Unfortunately, many people believe in the first response.  Jumping to a conclusion that has a negative bias.  After all, keeping watch out for that potential jaguar that may eat us is how our brains kept us alive back in the caveman days.  It is inscribed into our DNA and many of us have converted that into a poverty mindset from our parents, grandparents or great grandparents that lived during the Great Depression or through the rations of World War II.  The GREAT thing is that we have the absolute power to change our mindset and change our future!

We live in a world…

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Week 2-The Master Key Experience

Joi is a seeker of truth

Joi's Blog

It has been a very strange week.  I found the exercise given very intriguing and really felt up to the challenge of doing them.  I am inspired by my desire to have Autonomy and Liberty and I love the fact that I will be able to manifest this.  I find myself slipping backing into my habits of doubting.  So As in this week’s reading, I am having to keep watch on my thoughts.  That has proven a little more challenging then I thought. But then… I do have a habit in being.  So much so, I have not gotten to the point where I am enjoying reading the exercises, yet.  The sitting exercise was very interesting…. meaning, I didnt like it. 🙂  Just being honest.  The real reason I did not like it is because I realized that it was almost impossible to inhibit thought completely. I found myself thinking…

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Week 2 Master Key

We can be diligent and hold every thought captive.


The New Creations only power is thought. The ability to control your thoughts is the greatest power the new creation has. That is because the new creations mind is connected to the “Strong Mans” mind.

It is this union which is transforming the inner new creation into a powerful force against evil in this present age.
The new creation has been released to imagine what is possible free from the old worn out useless conversation of letting the world outside determine the world existing between the ears.

To the new creation it is utter foolishness to think that the thoughts cannot be controlled. How then would they be told to hold thoughts captive??

Step into your own plot of land. Feel the rich ground between your toes, the fertile field within our own mind which is intimately been made One with the Divine…Begin by exercising the imagination inspired by the…

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Week 2- Blue Rectangles

Being the observer

Journey with Karin

So much new info and areas to explore this week!  Understanding more about the subconscious mind and the consciousness mind.  Having always been a concrete thinker so using my creative mind, seeing things in my mind, etc has always been difficult for me.  I look forward to learning how to picture my dreams, and allow them to grow and flourish.

I guess the concrete thinker in me grabs more onto the Promise card – make a commitment and check it off when I am done. (I am a list maker!)  I accomplished my goal and have been enjoying the “Do It Now” with enthusiasm. I have been actually using this to motivate myself at different times of the day with great results.

I know Mark said it is really important we focus on the blue rectangle this week. I have been seeing them many places – actually amazed at how…

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Week 1 Master Key Experience

Amy is gaining confidence and belief in herself


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

This week I began a journey of self discovery through the Master Key Experience course.   I am thrilled to say I am  already noticing changes in myself.   In the past, school was not my favorite place to be.  Today, I wake up eagerly for it!  Ready to learn, grow and unlock my true potential that has been hidden under years of cement. I am learning to chisel  away at bad habits and self doubt . Reading the daily assignments and sitting for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, it’s amazing, that in my first week,  I have already felt pieces coming off.  I am gaining confidence and belief in myself.   My habits and my thoughts have created the life I have.   To know that I can control my destiny is so freeing, like a boulder has been lifted from my…

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Week 2

Managing ourselves, enjoyed the blog

Super Habits

Well what a week!  I started out strong in week 1, knocking out my obligations with gusto.  The Master Key Experience requires me to create a schedule and stick to it, a repeat the same things everyday, several times a day.  Well guess what?  My subconscious struck back with a vengeance this week.  My schedule was sabotaged and my enthusiasm waned to a point where I almost just gave up.

I have a feeling it’s normal.  I’m trying to reprogram my brain to change my daily routine.  You see, my poor habits caused chaos and disaster.  As a matter of fact, I put my employees and my family’s livelihood in jeopardy.  I needed a lifeline, and the Master Key seems like it will do the trick.

I just need to get over myself.  Hopefully week 3 proves to be a little more manageable.

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Master Key Experience – Back in the saddle!

Read this beautiful post by a new member of our tribe…excellent

Stacy Montero Morris

Well, the Master Key Experience or MKMMA for short has started once again. This is the program that Charles and I went through last year that completely changed our lives for the better. It brought us closer in our marriage, closer to working towards our future and finally shedding the style of life that we have been living for the last 15 years of getting by, surviving and not thriving.

You see, we are “those kinda people”. Yep, we are okay with that, we have always been a little different. I had one new friend once tell me that she loved hanging around us because we were always doing new and different things. We have always been focused on learning more about life, but always felt like we were missing something. What was it? We have always been pretty successful in the things that we have done when we set…

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Week 2 Promises

Promise, a pledge to do, bring about or provide.  A promise, a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified.  In starting our class at MKMMA, we promise to do the assignments, to work on being self motivated and self directed.

The promise I have made here is to form new healthy habits of thought and life.  To work diligently to train the subconscious mind.  The mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.  The conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind.  It is this training which can completely reverse conditions in my life.

I am excited to begin the process of change and embrace the power that will be released.  Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.  I promise to render such action, to be persistent and to achieve my purpose.  I will concentrate my thoughts  for 30 minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become.

As I commit myself to eliminate hatred, envy, jealously, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity, I know that the negative attitude toward others will be replaced by love.

I always keep my promises.

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We Have Moved

Thank you for visiting!  We have moved over to a hosted blog.

Please visit our new site

Joan Campbell– Master Key




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Week 5 Having A Mental “House-Cleaning”

I woke up early today….very early, too early and it was from a mental flood.  Last night there were several #conversations with my family that greatly disturbed me.  They are hurting and I am hurting for them and with them.  There was anxiety, fear, frustration and there is nothing I can do to help any one of my family…these are hurtful things that we must let go and let God.  I sent them to scripture and I had my usual quiet time before bed. I read my DMP and Greatest Salesman out loud….this did quiet the concerns for a time.

Then at 4am I am awake again with all the anger, frustration, and mental anguish, it had returned.  So what I did was fill my mind with my cards and kept repeating the “Law of Giving”, then on to “Do It Now”, then on to “wherever I go I bring a gift”.  “I can be what I will to be”…….You have the idea now.  I was using the Law of Substitution, the Law of Growth and the Law of Forgiveness.

This procedure reminds me of the weeds in Texas.  You go to pull them up and they pull back…I promise they actually pull back!!!…so you take another go at them and you just feel the ground holding on to them with everything in its power.  I don’t want to admit it but sometimes I just cut the weed at the bottom letting the roots stay in place.  Now we all know where that gets us in a few days…more weed, stronger root….

So the thing to do is to have a mental house-cleaning, and to have this house-cleaning everyday and keep the house clean.  Mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind….Thank you #Master Keys for bringing me back to work on the root and the ability to recognize the weed.

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