Week 2-The Master Key Experience

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It has been a very strange week.  I found the exercise given very intriguing and really felt up to the challenge of doing them.  I am inspired by my desire to have Autonomy and Liberty and I love the fact that I will be able to manifest this.  I find myself slipping backing into my habits of doubting.  So As in this week’s reading, I am having to keep watch on my thoughts.  That has proven a little more challenging then I thought. But then… I do have a habit in being.  So much so, I have not gotten to the point where I am enjoying reading the exercises, yet.  The sitting exercise was very interesting…. meaning, I didnt like it. 🙂  Just being honest.  The real reason I did not like it is because I realized that it was almost impossible to inhibit thought completely. I found myself thinking…

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Hello, My Name is Joan Campbell, I have Two Beautiful Girls, and a "techie" Son in Law Three Amazing Grandkids, Enjoy Line Dancing, Yoga, Toastmasters, Suduko, Love to Travel, Usher At Bass Performance Hall, help Transport Children for Medical Treatments. Media Marketing, combined with Ameo Essential Oils. Retired International Flight Attendant. To quote Zig Zigler, "I am Refiring not Retiring".
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