Press Release

IMAG0167 (1)Welcome Richard, Thank you for coming.  you requested this interview some time ago, and I appreciate you being flexible with me in bringing it to fruition.  Here we are May of 2016 and finally able to sit down for a chat, how time flies when we are having fun.

As I lead Richard thru the massive living area of our new home, on to the patio stretching across the back of the house, he sees the smiling faces on the family portraits of the people that have been a part of my commitment to help others.  As we take a comfortable seat on the warm inviting patio, we hear the birds chirping and gentle breezes are cool on our faces.  We have light refreshments on the table nearby as we begin the interview in the midst of this beautiful rolling hill country with a view of the lake nearby.

Richard begins with a question “please tell me how you have accomplished so much in so little time?”  Well, Richard, it all started when I retired from the Airline business.  I had traveled the world helping families that were separated , be joined together for visits and vacations.  I loved what I did but always felt that there was so much more I could do…I read a quote from Jim Rohn some time back that says “It’s not making the million dollars that is important, but it is the person you become when you set that goal to help others.”  That statement planted a seed in me that kept growing and growing.

When it comes to retiring, and one still has the energy of a 20 year old, it became a mission to see what I could contribute to this wonderful world.  The other factors for me were personal in that my two Daughters needed my help.  My oldest Daughter became ill with Lyme disease at the age of 36 years and was no longer able to work.  Her husband needed to stay home from his job just to care for her.  It became my life’s work for several months to research a cure for her since the Doctors that diagnosed her in late stage 3 of the disease and had no answers.  About that time I was introduced to a botanical called Moringa.  “Ever heard of it, Richard?”  I hadn’t either but soon I became convinced that it would help her and many more that had that same disease.  It was very interesting on how this product and business came into my life just at the right time  The timing almost eerie….My youngest Daughter was having her troubles too.  Her children and my Grandchildren were swept away to a city 8 hours away by their Father.  It became apparent to me that my daughters both needed my help…..They never ask as they are very self-sufficient.

Several months later, again timing played a big part, a self improvement class came to my attention, called MKMMA.  This was just what was needed to get me up and running. They showed me how to think for myself.  It was unlike the many classes that I had attended in the past.  I jumped in, both feet and began to see the changes that I needed to make right away.  This class lasted 6 months but well worth the time as I moved forward in my business quickly.

Fast forward to where we are today….this lovely ranch in the Hill country of Texas.  Both of my Daughters and their husbands have homes on the property and my Grandchildren love it here too.  There is fishing in that big lake over there….Swimming in the pool surrounded by the gardens and waterfalls.Our grounds also include a comfortable bunk house for our guests.  We enjoy having our team members visit with their families.  We celebrate in the evenings around the fire pit, laughing and telling funny stories.

We have been able to take a family vacation to the lovely island of Kauai, a beautiful place.IMAG0058We had the best time ever, but there is no place like home for us.

Well, Richard there is still much to do as I am not finished yet….My next project is to help design and construct homes for the people that have the same chemical sensitivities as my daughter had when she was sick.  Special construction techniques can be used in building a facility that can house people with these special needs.  I am still in the formulating stages and much has to come together but I am very excited to be working on this new project.  I see a great need here.   Much has been given to me and I have much to give back.

We both rise as Richard prepares to leave.  “Ms Campbell, thank you for your time, it has been wonderful to meet you and have you share your vision for the future.”  “Richard, I appreciate you coming over to visit, please give your family my best regards.”


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